Disgorgement & dosage

Dosage is generally the final touch. This consists in the addition of a liqueur d’expédition: a secret recipe resulting of years of experience and specialy prepared to preserve the wine's integrity and aromas. It determines the dryness / sweetness of the wine (Brut, dry, demi-sec etc). Our Gamay and Muscat are the only exception to this dosage step: their sweetness comes exclusively from the residual sugar of the grapes.

In the case of our wines produced according to the traditional method and our crémants, dosage comes afer 2 other intermediary steps: riddling and disgorging. Riddling consists in putting the bottles upside-down and turn them regularly until the “lees” accumulate in the neck of the bottle. Then comes the disgorging; the bottles are opened and these lees are ejected, leaving a perfectly clear wine, ready for the final dosage.

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