Grand mérite brut

Traditional Method - Blanc de Noirs

Grape varietes

Depending on each vintage characteristics, base wines are carefully selected among mostly black grape varieties, to attain the unique style GRAND MÉRITE is known for. The varieties that can be used in variable proportions are : Merlot, Grenache, Pinot Noir and Gamay.


These base wines were fined, filtered and brought to low temperature. They were put into bottles along with liqueur de tirage (wine mixed with cane sugar syrup) and specially prepared quality yeasts. During the following month, took place the prise de mousse: a second fermentation during which the yeasts transformed the sugar into alcohol and carbonic gas, thus creating bubbles. Once their work was done, the yeasts died and fell along the side of the bottle. In the coolness of our premises, each GRAND MÉRITE has spent an average of 12 months on these laths, acquiring every day more complexity. To remove this deposit, the bottles were first put upside down by remuage, then opened by dégorgement, which instantly expulsed the yeasts. Our home-made liqueur d’expédition, brought the final touch to this premium Cuvée.

Tasting notes

A pale pearly sheen colour. 

A fine bouquet with aromas of small berry fruit.
Round attack thanks to a discreet dosage. A powerful body with vinosity and good persistence.

Food and wine pairing

Grand Mérite will be perfect with refined seafood entries, goat cheese and some delicate desserts.

Technical information

Alcohol contents: 11.5 %
Doseage: 10 g/l. (BRUT)

Serving suggestions

Between 6° and 8°C.

Available in

75 cl.


Quality sparkling wines produced in France.