2017 vintage

september 2017

Raisins fraîchement cueillis Vintage 2017 promises Crémants du Jura which will be structured wines with good minerality.

Autumn has now arrived in the Jura vineyard. As our Grande Cuvée Les Grands Crêts finishes its first fermentation, let us look back at this unusual year. During Springtime, severe frosts destroyed half of the young shoots which were already showing early advanced growth and were thus particularly susceptible. The remaining shoots then continued to grow in ideal conditions: with fine sunshine which allowed the grapes to arrive at maximum maturity in excellent healthy condition. The grape harvest started very early, as from the 24th August. Thanks to a careful pressing, with separate vinifications following for the “cuvées” and the “tailles”, we now have very promising base wines which will become blends of high quality. We look forward to tasting them in 18 months’ time.