French Traditions


Our Premieum Mousseux range of wines
In order to best express the expertise française, we have created a unique range which benefits from a specific identity where our logo becomes relevant. 

Our Artisan personality is expressed by:
  • A shield representing 5 objects and tools of the sparkling winemaker (disgorging key, aphromètre, sparkling wine glass with CF letters, riddling rack, and cork)
  • French word Tradition on the left of the shield
  • Latin motto under the shield : artifex icis

Our French savoir-faire is shown by:
  • The hexagon form of the shield
  • A blue-white-red flag
  • A reminder Française on the right of the shield
The notion of mousseux premium is enunciated by:
  • Latin terms effervescere and qualitatis under the shield
  • Signature mousseux premium